Svarte greiner - the sickening -

Sound excerpts from the track "The Marble" appearing on the forthcoming Svarte Greiner LP "Moss Garden", following in the footsteps of 2013´s "Black Tie" with 2 new sidelong pieces of zen music for disturbed souls. Miasmah records nov. 25th

— CHARLES DE GOAL & Midas Factory live anschl. Party mit DJ Plastikmann (Neon Welt) & DJ Zipo (aufabwegen) / Köln CANCELLED

Mr. Skodvin's wild ride came out a few months ago. It made my 2006 year-end list, but somehow I never wrote about it except in passing. I'm glad for the delay-- months later, after dozens of listens, it's still a mystery. The musician's biography's known, but to me, his physical presence isn't. Some time ago, a person wrote with his info and wanted us to get in contact. I ignored the invitation, not out of malice, but because Knive exists so much more powerfully with nothing tangible attached to it. For now, it could very well have been written by the void. Feels best to keep it that way.

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Svarte Greiner - The SickeningSvarte Greiner - The SickeningSvarte Greiner - The SickeningSvarte Greiner - The Sickening